This is The Most Luxurious Pickup Truck Ever And It Could Be Yours If You Have $6 Million Dollars!

There was a time when only farmers and workmen were driving pickup trucks, but over the time, this statistics changed pretty much. Pickup trucks became very popular, and it seems that the reason behind this, are women. I have heard somewhere that big percentage of women think that desirable men are more likely to be driving big trucks like Ford or similar. Well, the one you are about to see on this video is definitely big, but not only by its size!

This is a Ford F750 and it is meant to make your cruise around the world comfortable and luxurious. For a price of just $6 million dollars you will get fully equipped  kitchen, living room and a lounge, bathroom and beds. They really thought of everything when they designed this pickup truck, but I wonder how much parking space you need for such a huge truck.

Check out the video, and tell us how you like it!

[youtube id=”5GkVoA5euCs” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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