This is The Most Incredible Door You Have Ever Seen! Watch What Happens When He Touches It…

Who would have thought that something so ordinary and simple like a door can be so amazing, but this particular one is definitely a piece of art. This guy has created a whole new way of door opening, and I liked it so much, that I would definitely want to have one in every room of my house.

This concept is called the “EvolutionDoor”, and it is a creative design by Klemens Torggler. Klemens Torggler’s doors are kinetic art objects based on rotating squares. The special invention makes it possible to move the object sideways without the use of tracks. What I love the most about it is that the door opens so elegantly with the slightest touch of a hand. Torggler says that those doors are part of his artistic work, and that some of them are prototypes.

Nevertheless, this piece of art is just wonderful, you just have see this!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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