2-Year-Old Was Afraid of Monsters, Until Her Dad Came Up With A Genius Solution!

For many kids their world is full of threats, and those scary monsters always appear when Mom and Dad are not nearby. Whether they are under the bed or hiding in the closet every parent has a tough time finding a solution that works. One Dad from British Columbia had some similar problems and his daughter could not sleep well at night, until one day he went to the pharmacy and got a prescription that would get rid of this monsters for good.

This Dad and people from the pharmacy came up with a pretty creative solution and they called it “Monster Spray.” This spray which is mainly water is super effective against all kinds of monsters and can get rid of up to 120 monsters in one go. Another good thing is that is eligible for refills in case this adorable girl runs out of it.

Really outstanding idea and now other parents are asking for this recipe! What do you think about it?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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