This Monster 8×8 Off-Road Truck Is A ‘Beast’ With No Limits, And Yes, It Comes from Russia

Driving through a snow blizzard or a huge mud pool is impossible even for the best all terrain vehicles. There are some really tough places on our planet that none of the ATV`s would get you out of it. People in Russia are certainly familiar with this as they are surrounded with some of the most harsh landscapes in the world. But, now Russian engineers have designed a new truck, capable of making it through literally everything!

Meet Avtoros Shaman 8×8 off-road truck, ATV created to traverse even the toughest landscape. It looks like a beast, and with it’s 146 horsepower in a 6-speed you certainly wont be stopped by anything. Interesting thing about Avtoros is that a driver is positioned right in the center of the vehicle, like in some kind of space craft. The only downside can be it’s price of at least $110,000.

Watch The Shaman in action and tell us what you think about it. I definitely want one and how about you?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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