Mom Takes Half Court Shot To Win Free Tuition And Misses, Then A MIRACLE Happens!

Sinking a half court basket is not easy at all, even for the professional players. They say that the odds of hitting a half-court shot are roughly 1 in 100, but that’s just science. When you have all the forces on this planet on your side, like this Mom, nothing is impossible.

Bethany Academy did a fundraiser to help gather food for the hungry of Bloomington and surrounding communities. The family who would raise the most money would get a chance to attempt half-court shot and win free tuition. Angela Ramey got the honor and it seemed like show would never sink the ball, not in a million years.

Angela throw the ball granny style and with her eyes closed. Of course, she did not even come close, but than the ball bounced and the incredible happened. The crowd got mad, and the best reaction was Angela’s. You have to see this, amazing!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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