Mom Starts Singing Queen Classic, But It’s Her German Shepherd You Should Pay Attention To

One of the must have things when you go on a road trip is definitely a playlist with rock n’ roll classics. Time goes by much faster when you enjoy good music. Annie made sure to prepare some of her favorite songs, but she thought of her German Shepherd also. Apparently, her beloved dog Lola is a fan of ‘Queen’ and he particularly likes “We Are The Champions.”

While they are driving down the road, Mom starts singing and Lola patiently waits for her favorite part. When it finally comes on, she can’t hold back and the most awesome duet in the history ensues. I have to admit, she really has the potential to become a star. Hope we will hear more of her singing.

This adorable pooch just made my day, and I’m sure it will brighten up yours too.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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