Mom Puts A Hilarious Twist On ‘GIRL CRUSH’ And It’s What Every Mother Needs To Hear

Little Big Town’s hit “Girl Crush,” is a beautiful song and for me one of the greatest country songs ever. The thing I loved so much about it, besides the angelic voices of the three ladies, is that it was unique on it’s own way. Well, now we have a Mom version of this hit and it’s coming up just in time for Mother’s Day.

A parody named “Mom Crush,” is something that every mother needs to hear. It definitely is funny, but it sums up perfectly all the things that Moms are dealing with. Many of them tend to feel like failures when comparing to seemingly perfect mothers online.

The talented gospel vocalist Amy Perry, tells the story about all those exhausted mothers who will never achieve the perfection. They won’t and they do not need to. Something like that only exists online and when the masks go down, we are all the same. This is why this parody is so great and needs to be shared with all Moms who would appreciate a nice good laugh.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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