Mom Gives Birth 15 Weeks Early. The Moment She Holds Her Tiny Baby For 1st Time Will Bring You To Tears

Angela and Michael Bakker were more then happy when they heard they are going to become parents to a baby girl. Unfortunately, things did not go so smoothly and Angela had to give birth 15 weeks early. Naomi Joy was born weighing just 364 grams, and her chances of surviving were not good at all.

Beautiful tiny baby arrived to this world but now she was at risk for brain bleeds, cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, and asthma. Doctors worked around the clock to save Naomi and had to perform surgery twice. After two long weeks, Angela and Michael finally got a chance to hold their daughter for the first time.

The moment they put Naomi on Angela’s chest was so heartwarming. She rested peacefully and this type of skin-to-skin contact is called “kangaroo care.” It’s believed to help aid the development of a preemie baby. On the other hand, Mom was waiting for this forever and the expression on her face says it all.

Naomi had to spend 142 days in the NICU but she won that fight. She made a miraculous recovery and now she is a healthy and happy little girl.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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