This Mother Cat Introduces Her Kittens To An Old Friend And What Happens Next is Just Amazing!

A truly heartwarming video has been filmed somewhere in Russia, and so far things like this you could see only in cartoons. A cat and a dog are usually on the opposite sides of every situation, but many times we have seen them getting along very well. These two are a couple of old friends, and how good friends they are you could see when this mother cat introduced her kittens to this dog.

Everyone knows that mothers can be overprotective about their young, and not just when it comes to cats, but also other animals and people too. Well, this cat has so much trust in her friend the dog that she let him babysit her two playful kittens while she stood aside. These little cats seemed to enjoy this play time with a dog and it was such a beautiful moment to witness.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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