Multi-Millionaire Rescues A Baby Gorilla. Years Later, His Wife Ignores All Warnings, And Gets Too Close

Damian Aspinall  is a multi-millionaire conservationist. He showed how much he loves animals when he took two baby gorillas in need. Djalta and Ima had little chances of surviving in the wild on their own, so Damian practically saved their lives. When they were 12-year-old, fully grown apes, he released them back into the jungle…

Years have passed and he decided to try and find them again in their natural habitat. Damian and his wife Victoria went on a dangerous journey having absolutely no idea if the Western Lowland gorillas would even recognize the man who raised them. But, the moment they lay their eyes on him, all doubts were cleared.

Djalta and Ima welcomed Damian with open arms and were more then happy. But, will they be so friendly to his wife? Victoria approached these 300-pound gentle giants cautiously and it was love at first sight. They played together and it was just magical. For a moment it seemed like she completely stole the show from Damian.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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