Rescuers Get A Call About Massive Snake On Family’s Lawn, Then Realize The Disturbing Truth

Even though snakes tend to avoid contact with people when given the chance, they can still give quite a scare. No matter if it’s poisonous or not, encountering snake is not what most of us enjoy. Some family got pretty scared when they found a python on their lawn, but it was something else that left them completely shocked…

Scott Mullin is a firefighter in Florida. He immediately arrived to the scene and could not believe his own eyes. The poor snakes’s mouth had been sewn shut!

A baby ball python is a popular pet and quite docile, so it’s unclear why someone would do such a cruel thing. Mullin assumes that it was probably a part of a religious ceremony. He took it to a friend where they were able to remove the string and treat the infection.

No one knows how long the python had lived with her mouth like that, but the important thing is that now she is fine. Check out the video and tell us what you think about this cruel act.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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