Marine Saves A Lost Puppy In Afghanistan. The Moment They Are Reunited Will Touch Your Heart

Sgt. Jacob is one of the soldiers who were on active duty in Afghanistan. One of the true heroes who sacrifice their lives to protect our freedom and way of living. Just before he was about to go home, this marine has done one more remarkable thing…

Jacob found a small puppy inside a wild animal trap on the army base. Since it was all alone, he knew that his chances of surviving in the harsh and dangerous streets of Bagram are very low. So, he followed his heart and decided to take it back with him. Soldiers named the puppy Jax, and very soon Jax and Jacob have became very good friends and established a strong bond. When the time came for Jacob to go home, it was clear he would not going to leave Jax behind.

He had recently arrived home from his seven-month deployment from Afghanistan, his 3rd tour to the Middle East. Sgt. Jacob waited nearly three months for the moment he would see Jax again, and you are about to see this wonderful reunion. It was amazing!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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