Rednecks Make 10 Gallon Margarita Mixing Machine Using Garbage Disposal. Genius!

Everyone is making fun of this guy but deep down we all know that is a genius idea. I feel like these guys are actually engineers dressed up as rednecks.

There’s the typical way to make a margarita using a shaker. And then there’s this: the redneck way of making a boatload of margarita using a garbage disposal unit. It may sound odd at first, but once you see it in action, your jaw will hit the floor. I love it! Be ready for your next get together, or party with friends by making this awesome DIY drink machine.

– stab the plastic bottles in back to pour faster.
– 3 to 1 and then blended with crushed ice? Those are going to be some weak-ass margaritas. You can always add more alcohol. And they got the TV set up on the porch showing (Nascar, I think) so you know it’s all about that all day liver killing buzz.
– It scientifically needs more ice in it.
– Don’t stick your dirty hands in the ice bin.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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