These Guys Had Their Doubts When a Man With One Leg Step Onto a Treadmill. But A Few Moments Later Their Jaw Dropped!

Have you ever heard for Luciano Dantas or Vinicius Rodrigues? How about for Lucia Teixeira? You probably did not, but do not worry, you are not the only one. These guys are the athletes from the Paralympics – the Olympic games open to athletes who are considered “handicapped” by society. They are probably not as famous worldwide as some of the other athletes who compete at the Olympic Games, but as you will see they certainly deserve to be.

The unsuspecting gym goers have been pretty confused and had their doubts when a man with one leg step onto a treadmill, but the look on their faces completely changed just moments later. Everyone present were impressed with the performance seen and this was just what the makers of this 2016 Paralympic Games ad were aiming to achieve when they set up hidden cameras into gyms across Rio.

Check out what happened at the other gyms and share this video to help change people’s opinions on what it means to be a para-athlete.


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