Man Throws Large Rock At Car’s Window. Seconds Later, Bystanders Break Out in Applause

A man from Ontario recently threw a large rock at a car’s window before smashing it over. He was not a hooligan or a thief, no this guy was on a rescue mission!

This Good Samaritan was just passing by when he noticed a small white dog inside BMW. There would be nothing strange about it if the temperature outside was not reaching 91 degrees. This is more than worm enough to cause heat stroke for a pet left alone in a hot car. He knew that something needed to be done and fast.

After all the efforts to find the owner have failed, man sprang in action. He found a large rock and within several attempts he managed to free the poor dog. They gave him some water and he was ok. Police was alerted of course and as for the owner, he showed up 50 minutes after the dog was let out of the car!

Watch the video and tell us what you think about this man’s act. How would you react in the same situation?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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