Man Saves Lioness From Certain Death. 7 Years Later, I Can’t Believe What Happens

Meg and Amy were just two little cubs when Kevin Richardson found them abandoned in a ditch. They were rejected by their mother at birth and if it was not for Kevin they would have certainly died. He did not let them spend their lives in cages, instead he placed the cubs into a wildlife park.

Since then they have developed a remarkably strong bond, and Kevin claims he has an ‘unspoken language’ with the lions. Years later, their eyes meet again in the wild and the footage is quite remarkable!

For most of us, seeing a huge lion jumping towards the man would be a terrifying experience, but not for Kevin. His reunion with a lioness he saved is just priceless. Watch the video and wait for the amazing moment at 3:18.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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