Man Runs To Rescue His Dog From A Huge Kangaroo. His Next Move Leaves The Roo In SHOCK!

Some men were on a hunting trip when one of their dogs went missing. They were riding on a truck calling our for him, but there was no answer. The owner become visibly worried when they suddenly noticed something in the woods. He was completely in shock when he saw his animal being strangled by a huge kangaroo.

In order to save his beloved dog’s life from the aggressive roo’s clinches, he came prepared to get into a fight. As he got close, the kangaroo stood toe to toe with him, then the guy punched him on the chin. The animal stumbled backwards clearly confused by the situation, then ran on it’s way.

Now the video went viral, but people have different opinions. Many of them support the man and commend his bravery, but others accuse him of violent assault against a helpless animal. What do you think?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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