Man Can’t Bear To See Stray Dogs In His Home Town STARVE, So He ADOPTS 450 Of Them

In Serbia, it’s estimated that about tens of thousands stray dogs are living in the streets of cities and roam rural areas. These dogs are often starving and are subjected to abuse. In such circumstances, chances of their survival are very low, but it looks like there is one place that is a heaven for neglected dogs.

Sasa Pejcic is a man who could not bear to see this situation any more, and decided to do something on it’s own. This guy, and we can easily call him a hero, created a magical sanctuary for 450 dogs. A place where they  experience joy, good food and human kindness – often for the very first time.

The most incredible part about this sanctuary, besides the number of dogs who live there, is the way they live. Rather than being warehoused in cages and kennels, the dogs here PLAY all day long. The cost of care for each dog here is just $15 a month, but this kindhearted man is always looking for sponsors to help him run this place.

Check out the video and share to help this guy save more lives.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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