Guy Shows Magic Trick To A Monkey, But Wait Till You See His Reaction… HILARIOUS!

This guy was at the zoo visiting when he noticed a cute orangutan looking at him. The man decided to sit on the ledge of the viewing window and have some fun with the monkey. He used his coffee cup and a walnut for a little magic trick, and quickly caught the attention of his new friend.

He shows the orangutan that walnut is in the cup, then shakes it up a little bit. When he takes the lid of and reveal there is no longer anything inside – the monkey absolutely lost it! Turns out that orangutans really appreciate a good show. It took a while for this particular one to get up on his feet again.

Maybe it was not the most awesome trick in the world, but it certainly made this monkey’s day. What do you think, is he ready for another one?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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