Little Girl Sat on Santa’s Lap to Tell Him Her Very Special Wish for Christmas! Now Watch His Left Hand!

Christmas is a time to make people happy and the ones who look forward to it most are of course children. Many of the little ones wished that Santa would bring them some new toys or perhaps stylish close, but one cute little girl did not want any of these. Her wish for Christmas was simple, just a Daddy that she would like to come home.

An unusual wish some would say, but when you hear that her Dad works overseas and that she saw him for only two weeks in the last two years, you might understand how she is feeling. What amazes me most is that this little girl is pretty reasonable and knows that he needs to help other people. Well, this Santa has decided to make her wish come true, and when she sat on his lap to tell him what she wants for Christmas, she never expected such a wonderful surprise.

Check out her reaction when she sees what Santa has in his hand! Priceless!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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