Little Girl FARTS On Camera And She Could Not Be More PROUD Of Her Skills

We all know that kids love their uncles. They are one of the cool grownups and they know how to have fun. Aubrey and Presley are just the cutest little twin girls who love to play with their uncle Gabe. He was in town for Christmas, and of course he had to spend some quality time with his nieces. Maybe even too much quality time…

“Aubrey and Presley watch out for one another. And when the going gets tough, they usually fart,” Gabe says. So, when one of the little girls farts, uncle is there to catch the priceless moment. This cutie sees no reason to feel embarrassed, on the contrary, she is more then excited with her farting skills.

She is going to love this video when she grows up. Not so sure about the idea of sharing it with the rest of the world.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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