Oregon Man Lives Inside A Boeing 727 Right In The Middle Of The Woods

It might look to you like this airplane has miraculously landed in the woods, but it`s actually one man`s dream come true. An engineer, Bruce Campbell, is the guy behind this incredible sight. He loves planes more than anything in the world and he came up with a stunning idea. He turned his passion into a place where he can live. Bruce bought an an entire decommissioned plane, took it apart and reassembled it in a wooded area outside of Portland, Oregon.

Bruce had no intention of converting this aircraft into some modern home. No, he is reusing much of the original equipment for his needs. For example, cockpit is now a reading room, while all the instruments are still there, intact. He has a bathroom in the back, and he learned that the wings make a great deck. The most interesting part is definitely the transparent floor. The original was torn out and replaced with translucent panels, so people can see cables and wires running to the wings and tail. Amazing!

Check out the video to see the rest of this unusual home, and tell us how you like it in the comments. Don’t forget to share!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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