Family Adopts A Drug Addict’s Daughter, Then Realize She Is Not An Average Little Girl

A’Layah Robinson had a rough start in her life. She was born to a drug addict and spent much of her early childhood in foster care. She was constantly moving in and out of foster families, until she found her forever home. Not so long after, the family noticed something fascinating about their new daughter.

A’Layah was still a child when they realized she is a true giver. While most of her peers were spending their pocket money for toys, she had a need to help others. Nowadays, this 6 year old is selling beverages to raise money for kids in the custody of Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

She is an amazing little girl and her selfless work did not go unnoticed. Community banded together to give her an amazing surprise for all she has done for others in need. What she did with the reward just proves how big heart she has.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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