How Would You Feel Trying These Lava Cooked Steaks! It Looks Delicious?

Ok, if you are about to organize a big barbecue party, maybe this video could inspire you to be a little creative. Gathering friends and family for a sunny, backyard picnic or a garden party under the stars is a guarantee for lots of fun, but do not forget that you have to prepare a perfect meal. So, instead of traditional and boring barbecues, why don’t you try grilling the meat on lava?

Sounds crazy, but some people from the Syracuse University have decided to conduct a little experiment and make a Lave Steak. They actually tested the possibilities of cooking at  over 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit! They just put the grill over lava and it looks like it works, well sort of. The meat end up a little burnt, but do not be surprised if in the near future you could buy this lava steak right from the market!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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