He Had No Idea What He is Going to Pull Up, Otherwise He Would Get a Bigger Boat! Unbelievable.

Every fisherman will tell you the same thing, the challenge of finding fish and determining how to catch those fish is the best thing to experience. Of course you will need a lot of patience and the ability to work towards a goal, but when you feel a nibble from your fishing pole that is when the excitement starts to raise, and you can not wait to see what you are going to pull up.

Well, a guy named  Jon Black from the Crazy Lure Tackle shop in Cape Coral Florida was out in his kayak trying to catch something. But, he had no idea that he was about to struggle pulling out the largest bottom fish ever from such a small boat. It was a Giant Goliath Grouper, but he managed to beat it. This fish measured at 83 inches long and over 73 inches in girth putting estimated weight at 552 pounds. Luckily his kayak hold on, but the video is just hilarious!


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