Street Busker Starts Singing Bob Marley Song, Then This Woman Takes The Mic And Shocks Everyone

They say that listening to reggae music can help you feel relaxed and less nervous. One of the songs I just love playing when I am feeling stressed is “Three Little Birds” by a legendary Bob Marley. It just radiates with fell-good vibes and reminds you to “Don’t worry about a thing.” How it works, you are about to see on this video.

A street busker in Brussels, Belgium was entertaining the crowd singing Bob Marley’s hit, and one woman was particularly enchanted with the tune. She was enjoying it so much that she caught the eye of the musician. The real show started when he called her up to join him. Once the the woman takes the mic…it was just amazing!

This duo is definitely going to make your day look a lot better. Check out their performance and share to spread a smile.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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