This Lady Walked By This Parked Car And Saw The Weirdest Thing Happening To It

Would you notice if something, for example, a car changes color right in front of you, or would you just keep on walking by? Watch what happens when these people walk by an unbelievable sports car which is a natural head turner, but the amazing thing about this car is that it has the ability to change color!

When these people came across a brightly-colored Subaru WRX parked in the street, the car naturally caught their eye. However, when the car’s bright blue paint job suddenly changed to a shade of green, people had to rub their eyes. The change amazed street walkers so much that one woman dropped all of her stuff, while a boy had to put on his glasses to make sure his eyesight is ok. The pranksters used something that looks like a remote control, one push on the button and the green becomes red, and the red becomes blue. I definitely have to get one of these things for my car!

The biggest mystery of course is definitely, how did they worked this out. I am not sure, but people commented that this might be something called “paramagnetic” coating for paint. Nevertheless, the video is hilarious, check it out, and share please!!!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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