Neighbor’s Labrador Attacks 5-Year-Old Girl And Bites Her Face, Then A Family Pit Bull Comes To Her Rescue

Pit bulls are usually portrayed as ‘bad guys’ in the world of dogs even though there is absolutely no reason for that. Dogs actually behave like their owners so none of them is born mean. This particular pit bull has actually been hailed a hero after saving a little girl from another dog!

Five-year-old Remayah Hernandez was playing outside with her friend and at one point she tried to pet the neighbor’s Labrador retriever mix. For some reason, dog attacked her and started biting her in the face. Who knows what else would have happened if the family pit bull, Trigger had not heard Remayah`s cries for help. Trigger immediately jumped the fence and attacked the dog biting Remayah. The Labrador was critically injured and then euthanized by animal control.

Because Remayah’s injuries were very bad, she need immediate plastic surgery. Her family was saving money for a planned trip to Disney World, and now that amount had to be spent on medical expenses. A GoFundMe page was created and soon that trip was not in question any more.

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I Already Did

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