The Kiss Cam moment went wrong, but ‘Benny the Bull’ saved the Day!

The Kiss Cam is a popular event, a social game that takes place during sporting events, especially basketball games. It is some sort of diversion from the game to make everything much more interesting, and the idea is that whoever gets captured by the camera, have to share a kiss. But at the Saturday nights game this event got some strange course.

The video was taken at the Chicago Bulls-Boston Celtics game at the United Center, and after a couple was captured on the kiss cam, a man wouldn’t put down his cell phone to give his girlfriend a kiss. All this started an embarrassing argument between the two, and the entire arena had the chance to see it on the screen. But, than Benny the Bull, the Bulls mascot, swooped in, raised the woman off her feet and carried her away as the crowd cheered.

We could not find out, if Benny got a smooch later, but the clip is so funny, check it out, and share please!!!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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