This Video Of Kids Crossing The Streets Blindly Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

PSA videos are meant to raise awareness among people, and convince them to act responsibly on the road. Most of these are shocking, but none of them can come even close to this real life situation. The heart – stopping video shows why you should never cross the road behind a bus and every kid should see it.

A group of school children in Norway made a nearly devastating mistake while crossing the busy road. Dashcam on a vehicle behind captured the terrifying moment.

A buss pulls over and a some kids get off. But, instead of waiting for the bus to leave and get a clear why, they start running across. They could not see the fast approaching truck, and it was too late for one kid. Only because of the heroic reaction by the truck driver, the tragedy was avoided.

I got chills watching this. Check it out and SHARE to spread an important lesson.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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