Rangers In Kenya Spot The World’s Rarest Animal And For The First Time In History They Are Caught On Camera

Rangers from the Hirola Conservation Program were very lucky to spot something incredibly rare in nature. They were in northeast Kenya when they stumbled upon two giraffes like you have never seen before. They seemed completely unafraid of their human visitors as they stroll through the wilderness. Footage of the baby giraffe and its mother is now going viral and you just have to see this.

In case you are wondering whey they are unusually pale and not like the other giraffes, it’s because they have leucism. This condition which is related to albinism allows animals to produce some pigment in some areas of the body.

Rare sighting of these majestic creatures is well worth watching. Check it out and don’t forget to SHARE with all your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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