Two Kayakers Were Whale Watching, But When They Went Too Close – Terrifying Thing Happened!

This video was taken by some passenger on the nearby Sanctuary Cruises Whale Watching, and while his idea was to catch on film a huge humpback whale in action, what he recorded could have been a deadly situation. As you will see two very incautious kayakers were on the same mission in California’s Monterey Bay, but they obviously went too close and that is when an accident happened!

Out of nowhere a full size humpback whale breached out of the water and landed on two kayakers. They just disappeared out of the scene and they could have been dead instantly. These animals have a four chambered heart which can weigh about 430 pounds – about as much as three average adult human beings, and their body can be up to 50 tons. Just out of pure luck, they were unharmed after this close encounter!

Check out this incredible video, and tell us your impressions!

[youtube id=”8u-MW7vF0-Y” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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