Jennifer’s Singing was Perfect, But When The Lights Change? WHOA! What happened with her Dress?

‘American Idol’ is having another awesome season in the quest of finding America’s next singing superstar. One of the icons of this talent show is a famous singer and actor Jennifer Lopez. She is a true star, and in this show she plays the role of a judge. But, this time she has decided to step up to the stage and show why she is a part of this amazing show as one of the judges.

She was singing the song “Feel the Light” from the upcoming Dreamworks movie ‘Home’, and it was awesome. Her beautiful voice has never been brought in question, but also the entire crew behind this awesome performance did an incredible job. One of the moments that caught everyones attention was Jennifer’s dress. Guys from the light show team made a spectacular sight. Check out the video, it’s great.

[youtube id=”N0v6ITyTWv4″ align=”center” mode=”normal”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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