Group Of Snobby Girls Disrespect Janitor, So He Did THIS To Teach Them A Lesson!

It’s not an easy job to work with teenagers, not at all. Out of many reasons, they tend to become rude and careless, and you can only hope it will pass quickly. But, until it does, you need to find a way to make your life a bit easier. A janitor you are about to meet on this video went through a lot of troubles until he came up with a perfect solution.

A man by the name of Elogio had a big problem dealing with some girls at the school. Every day he had to clean the lipstick marks off the mirrors at the middle school where he worked. He often had to stay late just to wipe the unnecessary marks off the mirrors, until he had had enough. When talking with the principal gave no result, he had to get creative. After this I am sure they will never make the same mistake again!

One commenter had a brilliant idea about how to make Elogio’s lesson even more memorable…
“This would have been even greater if the janitor would have taken a piss first, and then cleaned those mirrors with that pissy toilet water.”

I Already Did
I Already Did

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