Instead of Tickets, Police give these people something Surprising!!!

Everyone of us have been pulled over by the police at least ones. Whether you were doing everything right or not, it is always tricky. Most of the people expect ticket, so they begin some nice conversation with the policeman in order to soft him down. Well, this time it was a little different.

Police department in Lowell decided to make people happy for Christmas these year with a little surprise. They were stopping drivers for some minor infractions, and then the policeman would start some small talk, and smoothly ask them what would they, or their kids like for Christmas. Meanwhile, the group of helpers were listening the talk at the nearby store. And then rushed to find these things, wrap them and quickly take to the cop.

Can you imagine the reaction of people when they heard that instead of tickets, they were going to get Christmas presents, and just what they wanted. Amazing, some could not believe, some were full of joy, and some even raced to hug the officer.

Now tell me, who would not want to be stopped by the Lowell Police Department? Great!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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