His Owner Spent Hour and A Half Installing This Cat Door! Now Watch What The Cat Does! Hilarious!

If you want to allow your beloved cat to free roam around the yard, a nice idea would be to install a cat door. This way your kitten can go in and out whenever it wants, and you would not have to think if you forgot your pet locked outside. Well, that is the theory and we all know that in practice things do not go always as you planned it!

In this case Philo the cat was about to get a brand new cat door, and his owner spent an hour and a half installing it, so everything was ready for a test run. But, Philo obviously did not understand right that the small door is for him and the big one is for humans. On the other hand his owner probably had no idea that his kitten has no problems dealing with a door handle! However, Philo is just hilarious, and you are going to love him!

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[youtube id=”HRtAMEWDLfY” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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