Jailer Suffers A Heart Attack. Camera Captures Inmates Break Out Of Cell And Do The INCREDIBLE

There have been many famous prison breaks throughout the history, but I can’t recall anything like this happened before. This escape will be remembered not as an inmates’ attempt to escape but as a successful rescue mission.

The story took place in Parker County on June 23, in a District Court Building basement. Eight prisoners behind a locked holding cell were guarded by a single officer. They were joking around when, suddenly the guard fell over to the ground. Inmates were not sure if it was an act, or if it was for real. Sadly, it was not a joke, he was having a heart attack, and the situation became very serious.

There was no one near to help the poor officer, and in such circumstances the inmates decided to do the unthinkable. Somehow they were able to escape the holding room and this is when the true drama began. You don’t wanna miss what happened next. INCREDIBLE!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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