She Hasn’t Cut Her Hair For 23 Years, But After This Incredible Makeover, You Will Not Believe How She Looks!

A woman named Mary experienced a dramatic transformation at The Tyra Banks Show, and if we judge according to the audience reaction, it was an incredible makeover!

Mary stood up in front of the crowd, wearing white gown with hair dropping down to her feet, and the people were asked to guess her age. The majority of them said that she was 40, but when she revealed that she is actually 23 years old, the crowd was in shock. As a part of her family tradition, Mary had never cut her hair, but after her engagement she decided that it is time to make a change in her life.

When she walked out, after the makeover, nobody could believe that it was the same girl. She looked stunning, and her hair was donated to Locks of Love, a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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