This Impromptu Rendition Of Queen Classic Would Make Freddie Mercury Proud

Freddie Mercury is a rock icon and without any doubt one of the greatest singers ever. This flamboyant musician left a big mark in history and one of his most epic songs is definitely ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ It’s a beautiful piece of music with an epic transition into three various tempos, each one more difficult than the next. Covering a legendary Queen classic is one thing, but to capture the feeling Freddie played with is a whole other matter.

This young woman sat at the public piano and started to play the famous song. There were a lot of people in in Montréal, Canada and within a few notes she got their attention. They gathered around to watch her play the recognizable tune. It did not take long before they were all awestruck with young girl’s talent.

She pulled off a performance Freddie would certainly be proud off. The crowd erupted in applause and now she is taking the internet by storm. Watch this incredible rendition and SHARE with all your friends and family.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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