If You want to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, you do not need a Toaster….

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta have a grilled cheese sandwich. I mean, it’s the first meal that most of us learn how to cook at home by ourselves. It’s the perfect midnight snack or soup-dipper. It’s great for kids but is never turned down by an adult.

But what happens when you’re traveling away from home and staying in a hotel and you do not have access to kitchen. Well, that is where you have to show all of your ingeniosity.

A guy from this video simply amazed me! He made a classical cheese sandwich, fold up the tin foil to create a little alien spaceship home for the sandwich and just ironed it!?

I was actually quite surprised at the effectiveness of the iron and its browning/melting ability. Although this method creates a fairly thin sandwich, it contains everything you could possibly want in a grilled cheese: the outside of the sandwich is perfectly browned and crispy, while the inside is full of hot melted cheese.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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