If You Thought That Only Dogs Can Be Loving, Check Out This Cat Welcoming Her Owner Coming Home!

We all know that dogs have a reputation of being ‘man’s best friend’, and that they are known as loyal and loving companion. On the other hand most people would say that cats can be cold and selfish, but I think it is time to bring down this stereotype. If you ever thought like that, than this video will definitely make you change your mind, and give you a whole new perspective on cats.

What you can see on this video is a cat greeting an American soldier who is returning from his duty, and it beats all the previous videos you have seen before. This reunion got so emotional and heartwarming and it is a wonderful proof that not only dogs get excited when they see their owner. Finn the cat will amaze you and if you did not own a cat before, after seeing this you will definitely want to adopt one!

Check it out and tell us how you like it!

[youtube id=”Cx14ohE6nHs” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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