If you love something, let it free. If it comes back to you, that love is true. In this case it tried to drown itself.

I never thought i’d shed a tear over a drone being saved but I just did. The intensity in his eyes as he saw his lover about to drown to the bottom of that murky water and then he reaches out to her and saves her.

The viral video is called ‘My First Day With My Drone’, and it is so adorable. It is a perfect example that when you love something, you will do everything you can to keep it safe. Well, in this case, it`s a drone, and it appears that the owner has just bought it.

It is not important what is it, it is important that it gives you joy and makes you happy. It is his first day with a new DJI phantom 2, and he spent it whole watching it flying without any problems. But, it looks like that a lack of experience caused an unexpected ending of battery life. The manufacturer obviously thought that this might happen, so this things are programed to automatically start descending slowly to preserve itself. But, no one can predict where it will land, and in this case it was some sort of pond. The owners love for this drone made him run towards it and save it in the last possible moment.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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