This Dog Wandered Onto Ice and Fell Through, But Luckily Some Good People Heard His Cries!

A truly dramatic rescue was caught on video in Delaware when some dog found himself onto the ice coated pond and fell through. This 13-year-old pooch named Boo is well known around his neighborhood and everybody loves him. That day he ventured out onto the ice, nobody knows why but people who were near heard his ‘screams for help’ and realized Boo was in danger.

They called 911 and a very soon a group of firemen showed up. It was clear that this will be a difficult rescue, but these guys were determined to save this poor dog. They used tools to break the ice, so they could reach Boo in their boat. Thankfully, after some time, Boo was out and on the safe ground. He had to warm up, but his medical condition was just fine.

He was lucky this time, hope he learned a lesson about walking on thin ice.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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