If you Love The Ice Cream Sandwich, than You Just Have to See This Trick! Delicious!

Did you know that an average of 48 Ice Cream Sandwiches are consumed per second in the U.S? This is the best proof that people love this delicious desert and that just tell us that ice cream sandwich is one of America’s most beloved comfort foods. What gives it that special touch is certainly the perfect combination of soft cream inside and a firm cookie outside. I am definitely among the people who can not wait to grab a piece of one, so when I found this amazing DIY video I just had to share it with you!

This guys have demonstrated the best and most likely the easiest way to prepare a delicious ice cream sandwich. All you need is just a couple of things – ice cream, cookies and a sharp knife and you are ready for a little work. First put your cookies in a microwave for about ten seconds, than use that knife and cut a perfectly round slices of ice cream. Put the slice between two cookies and all you are left to do is…. enjoy!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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