She Takes Used Soap From Each Room She Cleans. I Never Would Have Thought That Could Be Used To Save Lives

Every time we visit a hotel, we receive a bar or two of soap to use. When we check out, housekeeping collect it and throw it out. The amount of those partially used bars of soap that are thrown away daily is more than 2 million! That is one big pile of soaps and a non profit organization called Clean the World realized that it could actually save lives!

Thousands of people around the world die from diseases and mainly because they don’t have access to soap. This basic item that we take for granted would be a life savior for those people and Clean the World thought of how to help them.

They are collecting used bars of soap from more than 4,000 hotels, recycling them into fresh soap and delivering the supplies to people in need around the world. This brilliant initiative is now saving lives in developing countries and everyone can join in. The next time you stay in a hotel ask if they participate and have knowledge of the program.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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