Owner Hears Strange Noises Coming From Inside A Barn. Then She Walks In And IMMEDIATELY Grabs Camera!

Equinisity Retreats is a magical place, a huge swath of land where horses have always been allowed to roam as freely as they want. Here, they get all the love and affection they deserve, and they all enjoy human’s company. Even though, they can run around wherever they want, for some reason these unique horses like to take a nap inside a barn.

One time, while walking around the place, the owner heard some strange noises coming from the stable. She went inside to check if everything is fine, and caught some of her horses sleeping after a good meal. What she saw was not so strange, but what she heard was just hilarious.

I have never before heard horses farting and snoring like this. Just a perfect harmony and I bet you wont be able to stop laughing.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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