Camera Captures A Feisty Horse Stomping On An Alligator, But Wait Till You See Gator’s Reaction

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park is a home to wild horses, gators, and a variety of other animals. It’s a beautiful place which attracts many visitors who wish to relax in untouched nature. But, recently one tourist group had a chance to witness something truly dramatic. A pure clash of nature right in front of their eyes!

Krystal Berry and her friends were watching a group of wild horses, when an intruder moved very close to the heard. An alligator spooked the horses and they started retreating. The situation became very dangerous when one of the stallions decided he was not going to let this predator chase them away.

This fearsome horse started kicking the gator in order to drive it away, and everything turned into a fight. Seconds later, the predator backed up and probably learned a valuable lesson. He wont make this mistake again.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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