Homeless Vet Dies Alone Without Family. That’s When Kindness Took Over

Sergeant John Beard of St. Louis was one of the heroes who served in the Air Force in the Vietnam War from 1968 until 1971. He sacrificed a lot for his country and was rewarded with four medals of honor for his actions.

Unfortunately, after returning to U.S., he did not adjust well to civilian life and ended up homeless. He was alone and suffering from stage four brain and lung cancer. He died without family or friends.

Beard was a deserving man who was forgotten by the society, and it’s a sad story. But, thanks to some kind people it got a beautiful ending.

Calvin Whitaker, owner of Michel Funeral Home in St. Louis, met Beard before he died and he decided to do something and honor this decorated veteran. He gave him a free funeral and organized a ceremony with full military honors. But, that was not the end. The story spread over fast and dozens of strangers came to escort the hero soldier.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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