This Homeless Man Has Shown Some Incredible Piano Skills, But His Life Story is Incredible!

A recent video of a homeless man playing on a public piano in Sarasota, Florida caught a lot of attention. This video was recorded by Aroar Natasha and she was delighted with his musical talent so much that she shared a post on Facebook. Immediately after, people started asking questions about who he is and why is he homeless. It turned out that he had his struggles which lead him to life on the streets, and his entire story is just incredible.

His name is Donald Gould, and he is an ex Marine who used to be a music teacher. He had some mistakes in life and for that he regrets. The reason he is playing piano is because he wants to make people happy. After release of the video, a local restaurant offered him a chance for a try out in their bar.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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