Homeless Filipino Kid Starts Singing First Line Of Justin Bieber’s Hit. His Voice… Better Than Bieber’s!

His name is Arjohn Gilbert and he may not be fortunate as some other kids, but God blessed this child with something far more great. Arjohn lives in the Philippines and he earns his living by selling flutes on the street. He does not have an access to internet but that did not stop him from becoming an internet sensation.

This little man loves to sing and he has some serious singing skills. Justin Beiber, Bruno Mars, Iyaz or Mariah Cary, just name the author and he will leave you watching in awe. Arjohn’s voice is so incredible that if you just close your eyes for a second, you would think that somebody is fooling with you.

What do you think, does this kid deserves to get a chance and builds his singing career? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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